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Here’s How To Save Big On EV Charging Costs

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When you switch to an electric vehicle, the gasoline you’ll no longer pay for is just the beginning of how you can cut costs. Setting up the Optiwatt app also leads to hundreds of dollars in potential annual savings on your EV’s charging costs. Here’s how Optiwatt puts money back in your pocket.

Hundreds of dollars per year in charging cost reductions

With the Optiwatt app, your EV will charge during your utility provider’s off-peak hours, significantly lowering your electric bill. This focus on off-peak charging results in remarkable savings — an annual average of $388, to be exact.

Further savings via utility incentives

Some utility providers offer incentives exclusively for Optiwatt users. These incentives go up to $230 per EV per year — quite a big savings opportunity whether you have one EV, two, or several.

Changing electric usage based on data tracking

You can use the Optiwatt app to track your costs per individual EV charge or for all charges across a period. Similarly, you can view your daily household electricity costs and what portion of it comes from charging your EV. This way, you’ll know how much money you’ve already saved with Optiwatt and what to do next for additional savings.

Extends your battery life

Optiwatt’s smarter preconditioning saves a portion of the charge to precondition your vehicle before your scheduled departure time, which not only saves on electricity costs but extends battery life. Replacing your vehicle battery could costs thousands. This feature alone could save you hundreds of dollars.

Additional great features for everyone — and for all EVs

Optiwatt’s cost-saving measures have made it a widely beloved and downloaded app. There have been over 150,000 Optiwatt downloads, with more than 3,000 user reviews averaging 4.8 stars across app stores. 

This strong reception is possible in large part due to Optiwatt supporting all major car brands, including Tesla, BMW, Ford, Chevrolet, and Hyundai. No matter your car brand, Optiwatt’s flexible EV charge scheduling maximizes your battery life, keeping your EV in great condition for years to come. This means that, with Optiwatt, you’re not just saving money — you’re making the most of what you’ve already invested in your EV.

Optiwatt lessens your EV’s burden on your bank account while keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape. Sign up for Optiwatt for free to save money today, tomorrow, and long after.

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