10 Cute Animal Instagram Accounts You Should Follow


From the first moments of the internet, there were adorable animal pictures. And for good reasons! Watching something so innocent and fluffy can help induce a more positive mental state and make you more productive.

Sometimes all you need is a lovable animal on your Instagram feed. Here are the cutest cats, raccoons, and everything in between, so put away the stress and get ready to go “Aww.” Are you new to Instagram and need help navigating its features? Then check out these Instagram tips and tricks

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1. Maple the Pup

The simplest of smiles are the best. The bliss of enjoying some nice weather. To quote her owner, Maple the Pup is “a girl Border Collie/Golden Retriever/Sheltie mixed breed rescue dog.” Her face shows years of love and treats, with every day being the new best day. Oft found outside amidst sun or snow, Maple’s photogenic life is apparent. And when your day is running sour, nothing beats Maple’s newest posts… you might even find one of her piano covers.

Maple the pup may not be a pup anymore, but her heart is as young as ever.

2. Hosico

What a heart-melting face! Hosico is a Scottish Straight, a close relative to the Scottish Fold. His distinctive poofy cheeks make every play session an adorable time. His eyes widen as he is constantly amused by his owner and surroundings. From computer monitors to fruit loops, everything needs to be sniffed and examined. Hosico embodies the feline sense of chilled exploration.

No matter the activity, you can expect Hosico to calmy watch, excited but reserved. There’s something relaxing about a laid back cat who is excited about the world around him. Maybe his care-free attitude can help ease you out of a hectic work week.

3. Doug the Pug

Doug the Pug is more than just a fun rhyme. He’s a delightful pup who bounds between social media. Doug is a powerhouse with hilarious tweets

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, cute Instagram posts, and catchy Tik Toks, with millions of followers on each platform.

He’s the self-declared “King of Pop Culture” and we agree. You’ll see Friends references, photos of him chillaxing with the Jonas Brothers, and even a pic with the cast of Stranger Things. Not only does Doug keep himself relevant with pop culture, but he looks fly doing it. He frequents the fashion scene with costumes, NFL dog shirts, and funny wigs.

4. Penguins to the People

Although not a specific penguin, PenguinsToThePeople is an Instagram account that posts families of penguins in their local habitat. Close-ups of cute baby penguins abound, as they mess around with their siblings in the icy tundra. As they waddle along, they spark the age-old “you can do it” mentality in our brains.

In fact, these are daily penguin photos. No weekly waits, so chow down on some of the cutest pictures the arctic has to offer. This account may not have millions of followers, but its simplicity and innocence are what draws us in.

5. Nala the Cat

Nala the Cat may look confused constantly, but that’s a part of her charm. This ditzy cat is a siamese-tabby mix, making her gorgeous fur super unique and complimenting her blue eyes. To and fro, Nala spends her days bemused by her surroundings. Even an ordinary home is an adventure for Nala and company.

Her (and her owner’s) message is simple: it’s purr-fectly okay to be different; enjoy the world anyway. Nala started her own line of healthy cat food to nibble on. Lately, she’s been frequenting celebrity hangouts. After all, she is a celebrity with over 4 million followers on Instagram.

6. Juniper Fox

Juniper is a gorgeous fox that trouts around with her siblings and amazing owners. Sometimes the toxicity of social media

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gets to you. Have no fear, a daily dose of Juniper should solve your problems.

This North American red fox “runs” a blog with Fig, her fox sibling. Born in captivity with Fig, these foxes are more akin to their dog friends than any wild fox. So while you shouldn’t try to raise a wild fox, these two are a great gateway to learning about your local wildlife. Their owner helps foster other pets and gather attention for wild and domestic animal care.

7. Venus the Two-Face Cat

Venus the Two-Faced Cat is an aptly titled Instagram account. This gorgeous feline is a modern art piece: each side of Venus’ face has its own defining feature—half black cat and half orange tabby. Even her eyes are separate colors, known as heterochromia iridum. In fact, this cat’s face is so famous that National Geographic reported on her.

Beyond being a cutie pie, her owner uses the platform to help those who look different feel better about themselves. She frequently delivers speeches and appears on talk shows to help people see more than just societal beauty.

8. Maru Taro

This Japanese Shiba Inu takes the cake for his carefree attitude and energy. Maru Taro is a world-famous Shiba who instantly melts the heart of anyone around him. Just look at those smiling eyes! You’ll find him happily lounging across Japan, from parks to scenic cities. Each post features a few words of wisdom or an inspirational saying. His owner is even kind of enough to translate the inspirational messages into English.

His Instagram account has amassed 2.5 million followers over the years. Maru can be found on toys, candies, and even popup shops that he visits.

9. Pumpkin the Raccoon

Pumpkin the Raccoon is a rescue with a heart of gold. While raccoons are typical pets, Pumpkin fits right in with her dog brethren at home. Full of mischief and wonderment, she occupies her days hanging with her dog siblings. 

Like a few of the other owners on this list, Pumpkin’s Instagram is full of cute pictures and a great message. They advocate for World Central Kitchen, raising money to help feed those in need around the world. With pictures and videos galore, Pumpkin’s adventures are littered with cute memories to explore.

10. Jiffpom

Breed? Pomeranian. Occupation? Cheering us up on the regular. Jiffpop is a tiny Pomeranian with a big personality. If there is an “it” dog on social media, it’s Jiffpom.

With over 9 million followers on Instagram, he’s earned the number one spot on this list and our hearts. He rocks new outfits, styles, and adventures daily. From delightful shark costumes to guest celebrity appearances, he never stops being the coolest dog on the internet. He’s traveled the world, from South Korea to Brazil, meeting celebs and selling his new toy line with a separate Instagram account. This adorable pup is all the rage and he knows it.

Funny Instagram Accounts to Follow

As your day winds to an end, surround yourself with something that will make you smile, not frown. The beauty and adorable nature of the animals around us is the perfect stress relief. Looking for a laugh? Check out the funny Instagram accounts you need to follow

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