These Building Blocks Teach Kids How To Code

Coding is the way of the future, and Cubroid Canada plans to lead the way by using a toy to prepare the next generation for one of the fastest-growing occupations in the job market. 

Cubroid Canada utilizes building blocks to teach children in second through eighth grade the fundamentals of logic-based coding, instilling programming essentials by making fun toys brought to life using a coding companion app. 

Trevor Lamson, Cubroid’s Sales and Marketing Manager, says the brand’s early success comes from the rapid growth of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) field. 

“STEM learning is growing by the day, and so is the need for people skilled in these fields,” he said.

Trevor Lamson – Cubroid Sales and Marketing Manager

The Cubroid Classroom Kit allows children to build and bring to life more than 300 shapes, including dinosaurs, helicopters, and rockets, which move through sensors, motors, and other programmable components. Teachers can use these kits as part of a beginners’ robotics program or incorporate it into the current STEM curriculum. 

Through the Cubroid app, children can activate Cubroid’s brightly-colored blocks, all of which correspond with certain sensors. The purple block has LED capabilities, the blue block has a DC motor, the green block emits sound, the orange block has motion sensing functions, and the red block reacts to light and touch. According to Lamson, Cubroid is just as fun for a big weekend playdate, with a free online learning center providing the resources parents need to lead the way at home.

“The Cubroid Classroom Kit is great for home use as well,” he says. “It can keep up to four students engaged at once on a learn-to-code project.” 

Cubroid Products

According to Lamson, Cubroid founder and president Chris Logan started the company to offer educators and parents a simple and easy-to-use building block set and corresponding digital interface for teaching early logic-based coding skills – all without needing a programming background. Currently, Cubroid is igniting imaginations throughout western Canada, and he predicts that eastern Canadian schools will begin implementing Cubroid’s technologies in their classrooms by early 2020. 

Lamson said he joined Cubroid because he saw its potential to mix work and play in an organic way, one that would always feel like the latter and never the former. Lamson brings with him an extensive background in recruiting and marketing, helping to open doors Logan may have only knocked on before expanding his staff.

“At heart, I’m an entrepreneur with an in-depth knowledge of online marketing and sales,” Lamson says. “I’ve owned my own consulting business for the last seven years, and I work with an incredible network of clients, in industries including construction, technology, agriculture, and more.” 

Cubroid Mobile App

With Cubroid, Lamson can now add education to that “more.” Lamson finds immense fulfillment in helping companies of all sorts extend their reach, and the main lesson he’s learned from doing so for so many years could just as easily resonate with kids grappling with the unique challenge that Cubroid’s logic-based building kits present.

For more information about Cubroid, visit their website at

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